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Issue Time:2018/11/15

Senegal is located at the western end of the protruding part of western Africa. Senegal is an agricultural country with about 27% of arable land. Senegal is an important market for WBS solar pumps. Many customers in Senegal purchase WBS solar pumps for agricultural irrigation.

The area of cultivated land in Senegal is large, but most areas do not have basic power facilities, which causes a lot of inconvenience to planting and irrigating crops. The WBS solar water pump uses solar energy to drive the pump and does not require power equipment support. Because this feature is very popular with Senegal customers.

A Senegal customer purchased WBS solar submersible pump to pump water from the well to irrigate crops. The 3-inch plastic impeller solar submersible pump has a maximum flow rate of 3 cubic meters per hour, a voltage of 24 V and a power of 200 W. It is only necessary to equip this pump with two 150 W solar panels or one 250 W solar panel will work well. Solar submersible pumps are easy to install and have low installation costs, saving customers a lot of money.

The Senegalese customer told us that he was very satisfaction with the WBS solar submersible pump, after using the WBS solar submersible pump. He bought the solar submersible pump is very good quality and he will recommend the WBS solar pump to his friends.

WBS solar pumps have many solar water pump products,including: screw solar submersible pumps, plastic impeller solar pumps,stainless steel impeller solar water pumps, solar surface pumps, solar pool pumps and so on.

WBS solar pumps can be used not only for irrigation, but also for domestic water intake, livestock farming, fountains, rides, swimming pools,etc.


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