WBS SOLAR PUMP - - The development trend of solar water pump system

WBS SOLAR PUMP - - The development trend of solar water pump system

Aug 7,2020

The solar water pump system uses solar power to drive the water pump. Solar panels, controllers and water pumps are the key components of solar water pumping systems.


The solar panel uses the direct current produced by solar energy to drive the water pump through the solar controller. The life span of solar panels is about 25 years. By using free solar energy to generate electricity, you can save a lot of electricity bills.


Many countries and regions in Africa, America, and Southeast Asia have arid climates and severe water shortages, but they are rich in light resources and rich in groundwater resources. Some countries have underdeveloped power grids or expensive electricity bills. Using grid power supply or diesel motors to drive water pumps for water supply requires high freight costs. The water pump system driven by the diesel generator set consumes fossil energy and destroys the ecological environment. The photovoltaic water pump system has the advantages of pollution-free, fully automatic, high reliability and unattended. It is an independent water supply system very suitable for remote areas. In addition, solar water pump systems are also used in desert management, grassland animal husbandry, landscape fountains and seawater desalination.


The application of solar water pumps is becoming more and more extensive. Especially in recent years, the country has given great support to new energy.

Solar water pumps are very practical, especially in areas where water is difficult. The solar water pump uses solar energy that is available everywhere, without personnel supervision, and the maintenance workload can be reduced to a minimum. It is an ideal green energy system that integrates economy, reliability and environmental benefits.


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