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WBS SOLAR PUMP - - In-depth analysis of how the largest solar water pump system in China is built

WBS SOLAR PUMP - - In-depth analysis of how the largest solar water pump system in China is built

Jul 4,2020

The construction of a solar pump system can improve the efficiency of the entire system. The following are the precautions for building a solar water pump system:

(1) Installation of solar modules: The installation position of solar modules should be free from shading or obstruction all the year round. And there is plenty of direct sunlight. The installation angle to the ground can be determined with reference to the local latitude to ensure that the component can obtain the maximum amount of light radiation.

(2) Selection of solar water pump controller: Choose products with high tracking accuracy and conversion efficiency. Tracking accuracy and conversion efficiency will directly affect the pumping effect.

(3) Anti-freezing treatment: When installing in the high-cold area, anti-freezing treatment of the pipeline system should be done. The pipeline needs to be buried deep below the freezing line. No water can be stored in the pipeline in winter, otherwise the pipeline may break due to icing.


The operating effect of the solar water pump system. Because the system adopts the latest multi-line control technology, it solves the problems of insufficient utilization rate of the pump unit and low overall system efficiency in the previous single-machine mode. In the multi-line system control mode, the system always runs at maximum power no matter how the light changes. It can adaptively and quickly adjust the state of the unit according to the change of light intensity. And the controller has built-in protection functions of over-current, overload, over-voltage, under-voltage and lack of equal. It is capable of self-diagnosing and self-resetting faults to make the system operate reliably and stably.


The combination of photovoltaic technology and water conservancy construction has broad application prospects and significant social, economic and ecological benefits.


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