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WBS SOLAR PUMP - - PV building construction costs are actually lower

WBS SOLAR PUMP - - PV building construction costs are actually lower

Jul 7,2020

The diversified development of photovoltaic building materials has promoted the maturity of photovoltaic building integration. Photovoltaic buildings will surely become the main building materials for passive buildings with zero energy consumption.


What is a photovoltaic building?

Photovoltaic building is a building that can generate electricity by itself. It is a building where photovoltaic materials are built in the form of building materials according to the requirements of building codes.

Photovoltaic construction is a fusion of two separate industries, photovoltaic and construction, rather than a combination.

Photovoltaic buildings have higher photovoltaic requirements than photovoltaic power plants. For example, fire prevention, electric shock prevention, fall prevention, and tear prevention requirements.


Not all "photovoltaic+buildings" are photovoltaic buildings

There are many ways to combine photovoltaics with buildings, including rooftop photovoltaics, shaded photovoltaics, photovoltaic curtain walls, photovoltaic solar rooms, etc., but they can be divided into building materials and non-building materials in any case.

1. The “photovoltaic+building” that exists on the building in the form of building materials meets the requirements of the building code, does not bring additional burden to the building, and does not present hidden safety hazards. It is the best combination of photovoltaic and building-integration.

2. "Photovoltaic+building" in the form of non-building materials is not a photovoltaic building. Therefore, not all "photovoltaic+building" is a photovoltaic building.

The current construction is pursuing green, environmental protection and energy saving, and photovoltaics conform to this concept. With the development and progress of photovoltaic materials, cadmium telluride, copper indium gallium selenium, which are all environmentally friendly photovoltaic materials from production process to application, have appeared. And consistent with the architectural aesthetics of material identity, aesthetics, harmony and flexibility. Especially its weak light can generate electricity, is insensitive to light incident angle and temperature, and is resistant to local shielding and falling dust. So that photovoltaic and construction have moved from integration to integration. Photovoltaic building components can be manufactured to build photovoltaic buildings.

Architecture has also moved from passively accepting photovoltaics to actively embracing them. Therefore, the application of photovoltaic materials that meet the building requirements plays an indispensable role in the zero-energy passive buildings that represent the highest form of future energy-saving buildings.


The cost of photovoltaic construction and general construction

The cost of photovoltaic construction is dynamically changing, and as time goes on, the cost depends on the income of power generation is getting lower and lower. Even during the entire life cycle of a building, there are zero or even negative numbers, that is, making money. And ordinary buildings can only recover costs by depreciation. Therefore, the cost of photovoltaic construction is the lowest.


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