WBS SOLAR PUMP - How Solar Submersible Pumps Work

WBS SOLAR PUMP - How Solar Submersible Pumps Work

November 25,2019

Solar submersible pump is considered to be the most efficient and environmentally friendly pump. If your farmland needs city power to continuously drive water pumps for irrigation, but you are facing a power shortage and blackout problem. At this time, the solar submersible pump can solve the problem of power shortage and power failure for you.


Submersible pumps are mainly used in deep well pumping applications. The water is pumped out by a water pump and transported to a designated location through a water pipe. Most solar water pumping systems pump water into the reservoir. On cloudy or night time, the stored water can be used for irrigation, domestic fire, livestock water, etc.


The solar submersible pump system mainly consists of three components: solar water pump controller, DC submersible pump and photovoltaic panel. Solar panels generate electricity, and the controller drives the pump motor to work stably. Solar submersible pumps do not require much maintenance. And installing equipment is simple.

The biggest advantage of the solar submersible pump is that it uses solar power to work directly or store electricity on the battery to prepare for subsequent use. Most of the batteries used in solar submersible pump systems are rechargeable. It can be recharged at any time and can continuously supply the pump for a long time.


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