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WBS SOLAR PUMP - Drought problem in Australia

WBS SOLAR PUMP - Drought problem in Australia

Nov 15,2019

Drought is a topic that Australia has been talking about. The water storage in all of Australia's capital cities has shown a downward trend. In Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Canberra, water storage has fallen by more than 10%. From the perspective of Australia as a whole, the currently available water resources have fallen sharply.

Since 2018, Australia has experienced the driest summer in history. Originally tree-lined, lush, and vibrant in the Australian wilderness, it has become the dead trees, green grass is not born, and Bare piece of land due to the scarcity of rainfall. Groups of cattle and sheep have no pasture to eat, no drinking water, one after another, tragically died.


Australia is a big agricultural country, and water shortages are a devastating blow to Australian agriculture. A lake in Gippsland, eastern Victoria, has caused hundreds of fish to die on the water due to rising salinity. Professor Jessica Reeves of the Federal University believes that the black hand that caused this phenomenon is drought. The same thing is happening in the Darling River Basin in New South Wales. What caused this phenomenon is the lack of local water supply caused by extreme heat and drought.


Reasons for severe water shortage in Australia:

1. Reduction of freshwater storage

The most direct manifestation of water shortage in a region is the reduction in freshwater storage. The reduction in water storage is related to the inflow, outflow, and storage of freshwater.

2. Frequent occurrence of extreme weather

3. Insufficient groundwater supplementation

Judging from the current groundwater level in Victoria, the water level in the aquifer is generally on the rise, which is also a guarantee for our water use. However, the use of groundwater will increase the cost of water.


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