WBS SOLAR PUMP - PV pump system application range

WBS SOLAR PUMP - PV pump system application range

September 20,2019

Photovoltaic water pumps, also known as solar water pumps, are ideal water supply methods in remote areas where electricity and electricity are scarce. It is a green energy water lifting system that integrates economy, reliability and environmental benefits.


PV pump system application range:

1. Economic crops and farmland irrigation

In arid and semi-arid regions, water scarcity leads to difficulties in crop irrigation. The use of photovoltaic pump system to irrigate crops achieves the goal of low energy consumption and environmental protection. At the same time, it reduces the cost of water pumping and has significant economic benefits. The system has broad application prospects in economic crops and farmland irrigation.

 2, barren hills governance

The deterioration of the environment has caused frequent occurrences of severe weather such as sandstorms, which seriously threaten the human living environment. Vegetation irrigation has become a major problem in the process of greening barren hills. High grid erection and electricity costs have become the bottleneck of the current barren hills. The photovoltaic pump system utilizes solar energy resources and groundwater resources, and is equipped with a drip irrigation and intelligent control system. It is an effective way to solve vegetation irrigation in the process of barren hills management.

3. Soil erosion protection

In the soil erosion area, solar energy is used to pump water from the river to irrigate the vegetation on both sides and on the slopes. The photovoltaic pump system plays an important role in the treatment of soil erosion protection.

4. Desertification land management

This photovoltaic pump system can also be widely used to curb the spread of desertified land and desertification grassland. Protect and restore desertified grassland vegetation, comprehensive management of small watersheds, construction of water-saving irrigation projects, and small-scale water conservation projects.

5. Livestock water and grassland irrigation

Drought and water shortage have caused serious damage to pastures, dry grasses have been extensively dry, and animal husbandry production has been severely affected. Livestock in pastoral areas died due to lack of grass and water. Current pasture irrigation relies mainly on groundwater. The use of groundwater is subject to two factors. One is the limitation of water resources, and the other is the limitation of energy power. Due to the scattered habitats and inconvenient transportation, the pastures energy supply difficulties. Due to the high line loss and large span, the construction cost of the power grid is too high. The photovoltaic pump system combines the richness of solar energy sources in the grassland and the long sunshine time. Effective use of solar panels to convert solar energy into electrical energy, driving the pump to pump groundwater.

6, domestic water

The PV pump system provides a safe and efficient water supply solution for families in remote areas with power shortages and insufficient water supply. Can effectively meet the needs of various household water.


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