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WBS SOLAR PUMP - Namibia water problem and solar pump market

WBS SOLAR PUMP - Namibia water problem and solar pump market

Sep 18,2019

Located in southwestern Africa, Namibia is one of the driest countries in Africa due to its extremely scarce water resources. The drought here has threatened the survival of local residents. In 2019, Namibia was even experiencing the worst drought in 38 years. About one-fifth of the population faces a threat of lack of drinking water and food.


Due to lack of water resources, Namibia's water use can only rely on groundwater. In addition to the scarcity of water resources in Namibia, there are also major problems with the supply of electricity. For Namibia, which lacks water and electricity, using solar pump water seems to be a good choice.

Namibia has a wealth of light resources. According to a survey of Namibia's home solar water heaters. If solar water is used for heating, residents can save 40% of their electricity bills each year. Solar thermal utilization is considered a demand side measure that can alleviate the pressure on the Namibian grid.

The solar water pump is connected to the water pump and is connected to the solar panel. It does not need to be connected to the power grid and has no pollution to the human environment. Due to pollution-free and economical reasons, solar water pumps are replacing old diesel pump systems in many areas. Demand for agriculture and residential housing will lead the pump market due to irrigation needs and a growing population. The increased demand for irrigation and drinking clean water in African countries such as Kenya, Namibia and Morocco will greatly contribute to the consumption of solar water pumps in the African market.

Due to the above factors, solar water pumps have a large consumer market in Namibia.


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