WBS SOLAR PUMP - Off-grid solar pump system improves people's lives

WBS SOLAR PUMP - Off-grid solar pump system improves people's lives

Sep 7,2019

Off-grid solar pump systems are used in a wide range of applications, addressing personal drinking water issues around the world and improving people's lives. Especially in remote areas away from the power grid.


Some people have access to reliable, clean drinking water for the first time because of the solar pump system. Higher economic benefits and significant cost savings for feeding livestock or irrigating crops. When traditional water systems are not available in certain areas, solar water pump systems can provide fresh water to these areas with no operating and maintenance costs. Off-grid solar pump systems are the perfect solution for sustainable, reliable and cost-effective.

Whether living in Africa, Asia, America, Australia or Europe. Whether it is an ordinary family, a farmer or a farmer, it greatly benefits from the WBS solar pump solution.


The basic working principle of the solar water pump system is to use solar cells to form an array, then convert the solar energy directly into electric energy, and then drive various types of electric motors to drive the water pump to pump water from rivers, lakes, deep wells and other water sources. The photovoltaic pump system is roughly composed of a photovoltaic array, a controller and a water pump.


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