WBS SOLAR PUMP - Brazilian customers use feedback reference

WBS SOLAR PUMP - Brazilian customers use feedback reference

Sep 5,2019

The solar pump system consists of solar photovoltaic panels, pumps and solar pump controllers. Use the sun to generate energy to make the pump work. Solar water pumps have low maintenance costs and do not require late investment. Moreover, it has no pollution and has little impact on the ecological environment.

Brazil is the largest country in South America and has a vast territory, ranking fifth in the world. Most of Brazil is tropical, with long sunshine hours and abundant solar energy resources. Brazil has a large area of ​​arable land and pastures, and the level of agriculture and animal husbandry is high. Solar pump systems are increasingly used in Brazilian farming and will gradually replace traditional pump systems.

A Brazilian customer purchased a WBS solar submersible pump for agricultural irrigation. Due to the high water demand of customers, we recommend the model 4DPC9-58-110-1300 DC solar submersible pump. The DC submersible pump has a maximum flow of 9m3/h and a maximum head of 58m. It requires six 300W solar panels to drive the pump.

WBS solar pumps produce various types of solar water pumps, including DC solar pumps, AC/DC solar pumps, solar submersible pumps, solar surface pumps, and solar pool pumps. WBS solar pumps have always been trusted by customers with high quality products and satisfactory service.

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