WBS SOLAR PUMP - Solar pool pump for swimming pool cleaning

WBS SOLAR PUMP - Solar pool pump for swimming pool cleaning

September 9,2019

Regular cleaning of the pool is essential for a house with a swimming pool. The most economical way to maintain your pool is to maintain it in the way it is designed.

The water exchange in the swimming pool is very small and basically does not change. It is not empty in winter. By relying on drugs to maintain the chemical properties of water, physical equipment such as pumps is used to remove solid debris. Maintenance work that needs to be done is rare as long as the method is appropriate.


It is necessary to use sand filtration and pump circulation system for 1-4 hours every day (depending on the amount of garbage on the surface). The water is sucked in and filtered back after several passes. It is necessary to remove the garbage from the inlet filter frequently, otherwise it will affect the water absorption efficiency. After 3-4 weeks (or if the pressure on the sand filter is obviously increased), wash the sand filter. Since the pump circulation system runs 1-4 hours a day, it will cost more. The solar pump circulation system can be selected, which saves a lot of electricity bills.

 Surface floats can be pumped in to filter or by hand. With a special large net bag, it is very fast, and it can be done in 3 minutes.


The chemical indicators of the swimming pool are extremely important. PH and chlorine values ​​are measured daily, and then various chemicals and ph up or down are added. Otherwise the water will soon become cloudy.

Many US customers choose WBS solar pool pumps for cleaning and maintenance of their swimming pools. The solar pool pump is more cost effective and easier to operate than a conventional pool circulation pump.


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