WBS SOLAR PUMP - 3-inch stainless steel screw pump for watering

WBS SOLAR PUMP - 3-inch stainless steel screw pump for watering

Aug 9,2019

Although Thailand is currently in the rainy season, the average monthly rainfall in most areas is far below normal, and Thailand is suffering from the worst drought in the past 10 years.

Thailand has always been an important market for WBS solar pumps due to its sufficient light. Due to the drought, the sales of WBS solar pumps in the Thai market this year have more than doubled in the same period last year.


A Thai customer purchased a 3-inch stainless steel screw pump on the WBS website for watering the garden. The customer stated that the pump was installed immediately after use, the watering effect was very good, and the water output was very large. At the same time, he also told us that this pump solved a lot of trouble for him. If his garden continues to lack water, it will cause great losses. 

WBS solar water pumps hope that Thai people can spend this difficult time as soon as possible. I am also very pleased that the WBS solar water pump can bring some precious water resources to the Thai people during the drought and reduce people's losses.


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