WBS SOLAR PUMP - French customers visit Ningbo new factory

WBS SOLAR PUMP - French customers visit Ningbo new factory

Aug 7,2019

A few days ago, Ningbo New Factory received the first visiting customer. This is a customer from France. In April of this year, he contacted us through WWW.WBSPUMP.COM and ordered the first solar water pump. Five solar pumps were ordered in the following four months. On July 26, he contacted us again and said that he is coming to China, hoping to visit our factory.

On August 6th, he came to our new factory in Ningbo, where we were received by our salesman and business manager.


The customer visited our production workshop and also visited the indoor test bench and the outdoor field test site. After the visit, the customer and our business manager had a profound exchange. Customers have a more comprehensive and in-depth understanding of our company. At the same time, we will discuss how we will work together better. The customer expressed that he is very optimistic about the market prospects of our products. He hopes to reach a long-term cooperation intention with us, and also hopes that we can provide a more favorable price. Our business manager asks for the quantity of his sales, and if he can reach the quantity we ask, we will offer him the best price. Finally, we reached a consensus, this is a very pleasant and successful conversation.


As the customer has other itinerary, we will send the customer to the airport for flight at 3 pm. We are very sorry that we have not been able to bring customers to taste the specialties of Ningbo. I hope that next time I will have the opportunity to take him to taste.


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