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[New Tech] AC/DC Controller for WBS pump Avaliable Now!

[New Tech] AC/DC Controller for WBS pump Avaliable Now!

Issue Time:2021/04/22


WBS pump new developed AC/DC Hybrid controllers for solar pumps are coming. It can run not only with DC solar power but also electricity from 110V-240V. 

What's more, it can auto-switching from solar to electricity to ensure the pump working well even with the bad sunlight. After the sunlight back on good, the controller will switch to DC solar power again.

Suitable Models:

Most WBS pumps from 750W-2200W. Including submersible pumps, surface pumps, especially swimming pool pumps.


1. Avoid the pump running with a low speed while sunlight not enough when early morning or at dusk.

2. Run the pump when rainy days/nights without the needed of batteries. 


For now, we don't have stocks in AU warehouse / US warehouse. We will ship from China factory.

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