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WBS SOLAR PUMP - - Thailand rooftop photovoltaic project officially put into use

WBS SOLAR PUMP - - Thailand rooftop photovoltaic project officially put into use

Aug 29,2020

The MajorCineplex site of Thailand’s B.GRIMM 70-megawatt rooftop distributed photovoltaic project group (hereinafter referred to as “Thailand Roof Photovoltaic Project Group”), which was general contracted and constructed by Energy China Shanxi Institute (hereinafter referred to as "Shanxi Institute"), passed the completion acceptance and was officially put into operation use.

The project group involves various types such as rooftop photovoltaic, floating body photovoltaic, and energy storage smart micro-grid. Provide green and economical power supply for hospitals, schools, office buildings, shopping malls, etc. in Thailand and the Philippines.


The sub-projects of the Thai rooftop photovoltaic project group are small in scale, large in number and complex in user types. How to achieve personalized customization and meet the owner's electricity demand is a difficult problem faced by the project team.


Since January 2018, the project department has overcome the hot weather and completed field surveys of more than 60 project sites. On this basis, in-depth analysis of customer enterprise electricity load, roof stress, etc. A project planning model has been formed in which power supply customers have priority, power quality has priority, and owner revenue has priority.


In the design of the Dr. Gerhardlink site which was officially put into use on July 31 this year, Shanxi Institute conducted an in-depth analysis of the load of different buildings and the power distribution structure of the building group. Innovatively proposed to build a new solar parking lot in the open space of the office area with the "PV+" model.


This design makes full use of the open space. 570 390-watt solar photovoltaic modules were laid on the steel roof of the parking lot. Effectively increase the installation capacity. The hidden track and bolt structure are perfectly integrated with the roof structure to enhance the aesthetics. During the construction process, the technical team adopted a decentralized access solution. Introduce loads such as charging piles for new energy vehicles. It not only solves the problem of insufficient low-voltage centralized access space, but also saves the cost of AC cables and power distribution devices.


This ingeniously designed parking lot photovoltaic power generation system can be used for 1,359 hours a year, with an annual power generation capacity of 300,000 kWh. It not only shields more than 80% of the parking spaces from the sun, and avoids excessive temperature inside the car. It also delivers clean energy to the office area of ​​Dr. Gerhard Building, reduces carbon emissions, meets electricity demand during peak office hours, reduces electricity costs, and demonstrates cutting-edge and green construction concepts.


Up to now, a total of 27 stations in Thailand’s rooftop photovoltaic project group have passed the completion acceptance, with a cumulative capacity of 11.56 MW. The bright sunshine spreading over the "land of smiles" is gradually transforming into clean and reliable green energy.



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