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WBS SOLAR PUMP - - Solar photovoltaic irrigation system makes life better

WBS SOLAR PUMP - - Solar photovoltaic irrigation system makes life better

May 30,2020

In Asia, Africa, the Middle East and the Caribbean. We can see that in areas where electricity is scarce, solar energy systems provide very huge power services and improve people's lives.


In Myanmar, the Rohingya who had fled carried a very important item: solar panels. Due to religious persecution, more than 600,000 Rohingya Muslims fled from Myanmar to Bangladesh on foot. The itinerary lasted 5 to 15 days on rugged terrain and was very complicated due to military patrols in Myanmar.


An 18-year-old refugee from Mondu, Myanmar, told us: This solar panel saved us. We must get a safe route and some emergency information through our mobile phone. Mobile phones need to be charged through solar panels. I'm thinking that I can take nothing, only the solar panel must be taken.


These solar panels are about as large as laptop computers. Carry a battery and a light at the same time. Refugees said that a 20-watt solar panel assembly in Myanmar, about 15 US dollars, is about one tenth of Bangladesh.


The United Nations manages multiple refugee camps and has installed solar photovoltaic power generation systems to cope with the increasing refugee population.


In Jordan, the refugee camp installed a very large solar photovoltaic application system: 12.9MW photovoltaic application system. The project was built at the border between Jordan and Syria, funded by the German government and saving the United Nations Refugee Agency $ 5.5 million annually. There, 80,000 Syrian refugees receive 14 hours of electricity every day.


In the Dadaab area of ​​Kenya, 278 solar panels have been installed to drive solar photovoltaic irrigation systems, providing 280,000 L of water per day.


From here, we can see that solar photovoltaic energy not only brings about improvement in quality of life, but its importance has been distributed in many fields. And this has a very important role in reducing CO2 and protecting the environment.



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