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WBS SOLAR PUMP - - Polish PV market breaks out

WBS SOLAR PUMP - - Polish PV market breaks out

Apr 29,2020

Poland relies heavily on coal-fired power generation and is the only EU member state that has not committed to zero carbon emissions by 2050. But in the face of increasing pressure from the EU to reduce emissions, Poland began to encourage investment in solar and offshore wind farms.


The Polish government previously stated that the installed capacity of photovoltaics will reach 10.2GW in 2030 and 20.2GW in 2040. The Polish government also supports industrial and commercial and large-scale power plant projects through the renewable energy auction system. The new government regulations allow photovoltaic system owners over 50 kW to sell excess electricity. At the same time, we will promote incentives for rooftop photovoltaics and corporate net measurement policies. This stimulated the potential of the photovoltaic market. In 2019, solar power generation in Poland has risen sharply.


On the other hand, the price of CO2 certificates has risen. The increase in the price of European carbon dioxide emission allowances will seriously affect Poland's electricity prices. Coal is the most intensive energy source for carbon dioxide. Poland mainly relies on coal to generate electricity and heat. High electricity price pressure is also a huge driving force for the development of clean energy in Poland.


According to data from SolarPower Europe, Poland ranks fifth among new European PV installations in 2019. The installed capacity of the fourth place in France is only 300MW. In early 2020, Bloomberg predicted that Poland will be one of the top ten global photovoltaic markets this year.


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