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WBS SOLAR PUMP - - How do photovoltaic water pumps use solar energy?

WBS SOLAR PUMP - - How do photovoltaic water pumps use solar energy?

Apr 24,2020

The core device of the photovoltaic pump system lies in the controller in the system. It can prevent the flow of the pump from being changed by the change of sunshine intensity, and basically guarantee the stability of the water flow. It is also a protection of the pump. However, this system does not use battery energy storage devices, but replaces electricity storage with water storage. Greatly reduced the system's pre-construction and post-maintenance costs. Because the price of the battery itself is relatively expensive, and it is easily damaged.


At present, there are three main driving methods for water pumps: connecting to power, diesel engines, and using solar power to drive. Solar energy is an environmentally friendly, low-carbon method. The basic principle of the photovoltaic water pump system is to use the photovoltaic effect of the solar cell to generate electrical energy and drive the motor to drive the water pump to pump water. For those mountainous areas where it is difficult to use electricity, it is better to use sunlight to drive water pumps. And it will not cause pollution to the environment.


The application of photovoltaic water pump is very wide. It can be used for agricultural irrigation, self-sufficiency for domestic living water, desert greening and grassland animal husbandry.


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