WBS SOLAR PUMP - A letter from a customer in Victoria, Australia, I think this will help you

WBS SOLAR PUMP - A letter from a customer in Victoria, Australia, I think this will help you

Feb 26,2020

I Would like to send a big thanks to Simon and all the team at WBS Solar Pumps.

My name is Robbie O’Brien, I am from Victoria Australia, we have a little 20 Acre farm that we mainly use for Conservation and home for our native Wildlife, Sheep and Alpacas.

Lots of Kangaroos, Koalas, and lots of Snakes!!!

Our property is on a sloping elevation, we have a dam at the bottom of the farm that has a lots of water and usually overflows most of the year which is great, but at the top of the farm we have a very lovely dam that does not have a good catchment and struggles to fill even with good rainfall.

To utilize the water from the bottom dam, I decided to pump water in between the dams with a 5hp 4 stroke Honda pump, which worked well, but was becoming very expensive with fuel - $40 per day 40000 ltrs.

I though there must be a better way, so after a bit of internet browsing, I got on to Simon at WBS pumps.

Simon was very helpful and over the course of a few emails, Simon came up with a System.

I was very concerned with what he promised as it did the seem realistic once put into the field.

Anyhow I proceeded with the order, only a week later the pump and controller arrived.

I installed the system and it has been 2 years now running pretty much nonstop, that is while the sun is shining.

I am pumping 6000-8000 ltrs per day, every Day!! There is no cost, just the initial purchase which I believe is a very good investment. It has changed our Farm, we have seen a big improvement in the ecosystem, the top dam is usually full now, and at times will overflow and run all the way back down to our bottom Dam.

The system pumps the water 300mtrs between the 2 dams with an elevation of 15mtrs through an oversized 2” pipe

I am running a 750w DC vortex surface solar pump - DQB3.0-65-72-750

The system was very easy to install, and with some technical assistance from WBS, everything just worked very well.

I don’t use the 4 Stroke pump any more, the solar pump is pumping 25% of what the 4 stroke pump did, but with the WBS pump it is running while ever the sun is shining!!

The controller was pretty much “plug and Play”, there was no need for an electrician, it is simple to connect, and automatically manages itself.

I have 3 x 305 watt solar panels in series, generating the more than the 72V required.

The panels have a lot of shading from the surrounding trees, so optimum performance is usually in the middle of the day,  the volume of water it pumps despite the shading in the morning and afternoon is still quite amazing. 

The pumps are very good quality, perform very efficient and don’t cost much for what they can do!

Since installing this system, I have purchased many more pumps from WBS, and still a very happy customer.

Don’t waste your money buying those expensive systems, you can buy multiple WBS solar pump system for the price of 1 of the others brands!



This is a letter from a customer in Victoria, Australia. He described in detail the purchase of WBS solar pumps and how they felt after use. If you also want to change the way expensive water is supplied now, maybe this letter will be very useful to you.



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