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WBS SOLAR PUMP - Solar water pumps and solar panels in the warehouse in Sydney, Australia

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WBS SOLAR PUMP - Solar water pumps and solar panels in the warehouse in Sydney, Australia

Issue Time:2020-02-24

A disaster during (2019-nCoV) the Chinese New Year swept across China and attracted the attention of people around the world. In December 2019, some medical institutions in Wuhan successively appeared patients with unexplained pneumonia. Investigation revealed that the case was viral pneumonia and was contagious.

Due to the large flow of people during the Chinese New Year, the epidemic spread rapidly. In order to prevent and control the development of the epidemic and reduce staff turnover, Companies actively responded to the state's call to delay work.


Although the company postponed work due to the impact of the 2019-nCoV epidemic, we have a large number of solar pumps and solar panels that have reached our warehouse in Sydney, Australia.

This stock contains most of the company's products, providing customers with the conditions to purchase our solar pumps and solar panels during the 2019-nCoV epidemic. If your purchased product is in stock in Sydney, Australia, we will arrange delivery for you within 48 hours.


At present, the epidemic situation has been well controlled and the company has officially started work. For products that are not in stock, the company has also resumed production. But due to lack of staff and lack of materials. Product delivery will be extended to 5-15 days. sorry for the inconvenience. We will use our best efforts to reduce the time for product delivery and provide you with better services.


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