WBS SOLAR PUMP - 4” S/S solar submersible pump application reference

WBS SOLAR PUMP - 4” S/S solar submersible pump application reference

Nov 30,2019

Solar submersible pumps are mainly used to extract water from deep wells. Generally used in areas with insufficient power supply for irrigation and domestic water use. The stainless steel solar submersible pump uses a permanent magnet brushless motor to save energy and reduce the amount of solar panels. It also has the following advantages:

1.304 stainless steel shaft

2.S / S outlet, connector, and cylinder

3. Japan NSK bearings, 3-5 times longer life

4. Double bearing base, can withstand great axial pressure

5. Alloy mechanical seal, long life and reliable work

6. The motor coil uses the centralized winding of a fully automatic winding machine to improve the efficiency of the motor.

7. Intelligent water shortage protection: The program will automatically stop when there is no water in the well, and it will start automatically after 30 minutes.

8.MPPT function controller, the highest solar energy utilization rate.


4 "S / S solar submersible pump is very popular in Australia, the United States, Southeast Asia, Africa, South America, and other regions. It is mainly used for irrigation and animal husbandry. 1100 stainless steel impeller solar submersible pump is used for irrigation. The maximum flow of this solar pump is 26m³ / h, the maximum head is 18m, the water output is large, and it can provide crop irrigation with large water consumption.

After receiving the pump, the customer was very satisfied with our solar pump. He told us that the pump was working very well.


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