WBS SOLAR PUMP - Solar aerator Kenya application reference

WBS SOLAR PUMP - Solar aerator Kenya application reference

Nov 11,2019

Common aerators mainly include four types: impeller type (mixed water) aerator, waterwheel type aerator, water spray aerator, and submerged bottom (air injection) aerator.

The principle of the water spray aerator is to pump the poor water in the lower part of the pool to spray upwards at a high speed, and to extend the time and area of aeration and aeration in the air. Mainly used in parks, sightseeing fish ponds, small ponds, etc. Not only practical, but also beautiful. Water spray aerators can also be used for irrigation. Put the aerator into a pond or river and connect the water pipe for pumping water.

The solar aerator is an aerator that connects solar photovoltaic panels and uses solar energy to work. It is very popular in sunny areas such as Africa, Southeast Asia and Australia.

A Kenyan customer purchased a solar aerator for crop irrigation. Irrigation with an aerator has the advantage of large water output and convenient and practical.


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