WBS SOLAR PUMP - 12V DC Brushless Solar Submersible Pump Zambia Application Reference

WBS SOLAR PUMP - 12V DC Brushless Solar Submersible Pump Zambia Application Reference

Oct 14,2019

In Zambia, about one-third of people do not have access to safe drinking water. They need to go far to carry water to solve the needs of life.

In a village in Zambia, people’s daily lives have undergone tremendous changes. The village has recently implemented a series of improvement measures. This is a project to improve the supply of tap water.

Reliable drinking water supply is a fundamental necessity for human survival. In Zambia, people need to walk very far to get water. In many cases, this is futile. They rely on electric pumps to draw water, but local electricity supplies are often interrupted. In addition, because electricity is very expensive, the use of electricity becomes a luxury consumption.


WBS Solar Pump Solutions

A WBS DC brushless screw solar pump 3DSS0.5-28-12-80 was installed. It can extract groundwater from more than 10 meters underground. This system covers the village's water needs. Includes public water towers, villagers drinking water and cleaning needs.

The 3DSS0.5-28-12-80 solar screw pump is made of 304 stainless steel and is therefore extremely durable. And only minimal maintenance and troubleshooting is required.

Solar modules are placed on the roof to prevent theft. An underground cable connects the solar pump to provide power. Groundwater is pumped into two large tanks where people can extract the water they need.


The results of this solar water supply system are enormous. Water supply equipment for renewable energy will be popularized in Zambia.


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