WBS SOLAR PUMP - 120W solar screw pump Kenya application

WBS SOLAR PUMP - 120W solar screw pump Kenya application

Oct 10,2019

Mr. Maambo is a water pump engineer. He installed pumps for many families in Kenya. Difficulties in water withdrawals in Kenya have been a major problem for local people. He likes the job of bringing clean drinking water to families. He thinks this is a very meaningful thing.

Mr. Maambo finds us online. He is very interested in our solar water pumps. He believes that our solar water pump is a very good product and is also very suitable for the Kenya market. Electricity development in Kenya is poor. Conventional pumps that rely on electricity work often fail to function properly due to power outages. Solar water pumps are not limited by grid problems and have low operating costs. Kenya is located in the tropics and has long sunshine hours and sufficient solar energy resources.


After a period of communication, Mr. Maambo purchased a 24V 120W solar screw pump. This solar screw pump has a maximum lift of 56m and a maximum flow of 1.2m³/h, which can meet the needs of ordinary household water. Mr. Maambo tested the performance of the pump. After the test, he was very satisfied with the performance of the product. He will bring our solar water pumps to more Kenyan families.


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