WBS SOLAR PUMP - Principle and characteristics of DC brushless solar water pump

WBS SOLAR PUMP - Principle and characteristics of DC brushless solar water pump

Sep 11,2019

The DC brushless solar water pump uses the power generated by the solar photovoltaic panel to drive the DC permanent magnet brushless synchronous motor to drive the water pump through the maximum power point tracking and control device, and lift the water from the surface to the ground for irrigation or human and animal drinking. The system has good long-term economic efficiency, especially compared with the common diesel pumping, and has an overwhelming economic advantage.

 The brushless DC motor consists of a motor body and a driver, and is a typical mechatronic product. Brushless DC motors have the advantages of energy saving, high efficiency, maintenance-free, and high torque. Different from brushed DC motor, brushless DC motor does not use mechanical brush device, square wave self-controlled permanent magnet synchronous motor, Hall sensor replaces carbon brush commutator, and NdFeB as permanent magnet material of rotor . Compared with the traditional DC motor, the performance is quite superior, and it is the most ideal speed-regulating motor. Its advantages: high efficiency, low energy consumption, low noise, long life, high reliability, servo control, stepless frequency control, relatively low cost and easy to use.

The WBS solar water pump uses a permanent magnet DC brushless synchronous motor. Increase efficiency by 15%-20%, save energy and reduce solar panel consumption.


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