WBS SOLAR PUMP - Will a cheaper solar pump work?

WBS SOLAR PUMP - Will a cheaper solar pump work?

Jul 22,2019

Sometimes, if you don't mind a pump being unreliable, you don't mind pulling it out and messing around with it, and you don't mind being with out water while you wait for a replacement, it might be worth saving a few bucks.

When you purchase a solar pump from us you are paying for a product that has undergone extensive research and development, testing, ensuring it performs in our harsh environment. Off the shelf spare parts and warranty are also part of the package.These products are supplied with installation and operating instructions in English. 2 Years warranty for the solar water pump.

When you purchase a cheap knock-off solar pump you are getting a copy of a engineered and designed product, very often made from different materials. It won't have product support, apare parts or warranty. It may not have installation or operating instructions in English. When the solar pump and installed equipment fails causing damage to the water bore or other infrastructure the money saved is insignificant.

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