WBS SOLAR PUMP - New Zealand Application References

WBS SOLAR PUMP - New Zealand Application References

Jul 15,2019

Solar submersible pumps are systems that use solar energy to pump water from deep wells. Loved by many sunny countries and regions.

New Zealand has plenty of sunshine and solar pump products have a vast market in New Zealand.

The New Zealand economy is dominated by agriculture and animal husbandry, and exports of lamb and dairy products rank first in the world. New Zealand's livestock industry is very developed, with livestock production covering half of the country's land area.

Mr. Smith runs a ranch in New Zealand. He recently purchased a WBS solar submersible pump to supply water to his farm. This year he is preparing to expand the size of the farm, so he needs to buy some solar submersible pumps to build the water supply system for the ranch.Through communication with Mr. Smith, we recommended a 4 DC solar submersible pump with S/S impeller. Mr. Smith expressed his satisfaction after receiving the pump. WBS solar pumps have been recognized by customers in terms of product quality and service. There are customers of WBS solar pumps in many countries and regions around the world, and the repurchase rate is very high.


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