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WBS SOLAR PUMP - How to achieve agricultural water saving irrigation?

WBS SOLAR PUMP - How to achieve agricultural water saving irrigation?

Jul 8,2019

Irrigation is one of the main methods of planting management in agricultural production. At present, everyone is very much advocated to adopt the water-saving irrigation mode. So how can we achieve water-saving irrigation?

1. Use soil moisture meter and other related soil moisture content measurement equipment to do moisture detection. After regular measurement by the instrument, farmers can use the data analysis to understand the soil moisture in the field. After combining the physiological needs of the crop, it is possible to carry out the irrigation work precisely. The amount of irrigation can also be effectively controlled.

2. Adopt water and fertilizer integrated irrigation mode. Water and fertilizer integration is currently a management technology that increases crop yields. The soil properties are detected by a more accurate sensor, and the fertigation mode begins after the automatic analysis. The application of this technology has largely played a role in saving water and reducing fertilizer. Water and fertilizer integration technology can use irrigation methods such as dropper and micro-spray in irrigation. This method is precisely carried out after understanding the physiological needs of the crop.

In this way, the utilization rate of agricultural water will be greatly improved, and water resources will be effectively saved by the support of advanced technology, which is a good support for the water-saving irrigation mode.


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