WBS SOLAR PUMP - Solar submersible pump application

WBS SOLAR PUMP - Solar submersible pump application

Jul 6,2019

Agroforestry in the Philippines is also an important source of national income. Fruit trees such as coconut trees and banana trees can be found everywhere in the Philippines. 

Recently, Mr. Li of the Philippines wanted to buy a photovoltaic pump system to irrigate his banana plantation. Solar water pumps (also known as photovoltaic pumps) are mainly composed of photovoltaic pump inverters, pumps and solar panels. It is the most powerful water supply in remote areas where electricity is scarce. The use of ubiquitous solar energy is inexhaustible. The system is fully automated and requires no personnel to handle. The maintenance workload is very low, and it is an ideal green energy water lifting system that integrates economy, reliability and environmental protection. Mr. Li contacted us and after detailed communication, proposed to purchase 1 set of ACDC 6DSC70-40-380/550-400-AD solar submersible pumps. This submersible pump can be connected to a photovoltaic panel to work with solar energy and can also be connected to a power work.  The maximum head is 77m and the maximum flow is 36m³ per hour. Mr. Li purchased our solar submersible pump and tested it. He expressed his satisfaction with the performance of our pumps.


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