WBS SOLAR PUMP - 4 major precautions in the use of solar water pumps

WBS SOLAR PUMP - 4 major precautions in the use of solar water pumps

Jun 29,2019

The use of solar water pumps is mostly in remote areas, so reliability is very important. We need to pay attention to the following four points during the installation and use of solar water pumps.



1. Prevent particles from entering

Solid sand or stones have serious damage to the pump, which will reduce the service life of the pump. In water sources with a lot of sand, filters must be installed.


2. Prevent dry friction

Minimize idle time.


3. Water pipe antifreeze

In areas where the outside temperature is too low, the water pipe needs to be buried about 10cm below the freezing line. It is strictly forbidden to expose the pipe to the air, so that the waterproof pipe is cracked. When the pump is running, drain the pipe as soon as possible.


4. Cable waterproof

The cable that comes with the pump motor is generally short (for convenient transportation), so the cable connection is required when the pump is installed. The cable connector of the submersible pump is likely to be in the water, so waterproof plastic packaging is very important.


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