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WBS SOLAR PUMP - 900W solar pool pump for family swimming pool

WBS SOLAR PUMP - 900W solar pool pump for family swimming pool

Issue Time:2019/06/27

Australians generally love sports and are especially fond of swimming. According to one source, there are more than 70 standard swimming pools and tens of thousands of family swimming pools in Sydney.

Mr. JONES is also very fond of swimming, and his home has a swimming pool for leisure.


Recently, Mr. JONES contacted us through our website. He wants to buy a WBS solar pool pump to replace his previous pump. Our business staff recommended a 900W DC solar pool pump through communication with Mr. JONES. After Mr. JONES purchased, we shipped it from the Sydney warehouse. The next day, Mr. JONES received our solar water pump. After receiving the pump, Mr. JONES arranged the installation of the pump and sent us photos. He said that he is very satisfied with our pumps and services, and will also recommend to friends around.

WBS has always earned the trust of its customers with service and product quality. We are very happy that Mr. JONES is satisfied with this shopping. WBS will continue to meet the needs of customers with quality products and considerate services.


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