WBS SOLAR PUMP- Pump Selection Precautions

WBS SOLAR PUMP- Pump Selection Precautions

Dec 26,2018

Three parameters of pump selection: head, flow, power.


Head requirements:


The lift refers to the required lift, not the height of the lift. It is especially important to select the pump. The pump lift is about 1.15 to 1.20 times the lift height. If the vertical height of a water source to the water is 20 meters, the required lift is about 23 to 24 meters. (The flat pipe 20 m consumes 1 m head and 3 bends consume 1 m head).

When selecting the pump, the head on the pump nameplate should be close to the required head, and the general deviation should not exceed 20%. In this case, the pump is the most efficient and energy efficient,making it more economical to use. If the lift on the nameplate is much smaller than the required lift, the pump often cannot meet the needs of the user. When the high-lift pump is used for low lift, the flow will be too large, causing the motor to be overloaded. If the motor temperature rises for a long time, the winding insulation will gradually age and even burn the motor.


flow requirements:


The flow rate of the pump, that is, the amount of water,should not be chosen too much, otherwise it will increase the cost of purchasing the pump. At the same time, the flow rate increases - the lift is increased -the pump is overloaded. It is generally sufficient to add 10% to the required flow rate.


Power requirements:


The power of the pump is generally determined by the head and flow to determine the shaft power, and then the pump is matched to the motor.That is: the pump ratio motor is one level higher than the shaft power. For example: if the shaft power is 20 KW, then choose a 22 KW motor.

The motor power selected should not be too large. The larger the motor power, the larger the no-load space of the motor, which affects the service life of the motor and consumes too much power.


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