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Purchase Notes


About Delivery:

1. We established a warehouse in Melbourne,Australia and started operations in August 2018. The goods you buy will be sentdirectly from Melbourne. This will greatly shorten the time period that youreceive the goods.

2. In addition to the pre-sale products, wewill issue you the product within 48 hours as soon as possible.      

3, pre-sale products according to theproduct page or customer service notice shall prevail.


About receiving:

Before receiving, please check carefullywhether the outer package of the parcel is intact, and inspect the goods in theface of the courier. If there is any problem such as damage, missing parts,etc., you can refuse to accept it or contact our customer service personnel intime. If the customer does not inspect the goods and then finds that the goodsare damaged, the loss is borne by the buyer. So be sure to pay attention tocarefully check before receiving.


About return policy:

1. Under normal use, the product  have quality problems during the warrantyperiodWe will replace a new machine for you forfree.

2. The pump body has a shelf life of 2years, the shelf life of the controller is 1 year, and the shelf life of thesolar panel is 10 years.      


About after sales:

We have a professional after-sales serviceteam, 24 hours for you to solve a variety of after-sales problems.

After sales contact method:


Whatsapp/Tel+86 15058288607