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WBS SOLAR PUMP - - The social and economic benefits of solar pumping systems

WBS SOLAR PUMP - - The social and economic benefits of solar pumping systems

Aug 24,2020

For a long time, how to solve the problem of water pumping and water supply in mountainous areas, arid areas, grassland pastures, and desertified areas at the energy level has been a technical problem that has plagued the development of agriculture and animal husbandry and ecological construction at home and abroad.


In recent years, solar water pump systems have catered to large-scale farmland, pasture, desert and other demand markets. It can be widely used in remote areas without electricity and electricity shortage for humans and livestock, farmland irrigation, and desert control. The system can be flexibly used for farmland irrigation, providing clean drinking water for humans and animals, developing courtyard economy, beautifying the park, constructing colorful fountains, etc. without any external energy. In addition, the application of the solar water pump system does not require a battery, which saves the cost of battery replacement and reduces the environmental pollution caused by the battery.


Specific advantages of solar water pump system:


(1) Reliability: Photovoltaic power supplies rarely use moving parts and work reliably.

(2) Safe, no noise, and no other public hazards. Does not produce any solid, liquid and gaseous harmful substances, absolutely environmentally friendly.

(3) Simple installation and maintenance, low operating cost, and suitable for unattended operation. Especially for its high reliability, it has attracted much attention.

(4) Good compatibility, photovoltaic power generation can be used in conjunction with other energy sources, and the photovoltaic system can also be easily increased according to needs.

(5) The degree of standardization is high, and the components can be connected in series and parallel to meet the needs of different power consumption, with strong versatility.

(6) Solar energy is available everywhere and has a wide range of applications.


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