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WBS SOLAR PUMP - - Photovoltaic integration brings infinite vitality to the desert

WBS SOLAR PUMP - - Photovoltaic integration brings infinite vitality to the desert

Aug 19,2020

In the topography of the world, desert is one of the more common topography on the earth. About 20% of the land in the world is desert. For a long time, deserts have been inaccessible places that cannot be exploited. However, with the development of new energy technologies, the vast area of ​​deserts and the arid and hot climate conditions have become favorable conditions for the development and utilization of solar energy resources.


According to the research of NASA, every square meter of desert receives about 2,000 kWh to 3,000 kWh of solar energy each year. If we can convert all of these solar energy into electricity, it will be enough to use 1 kilowatt of electrical appliances for 3000 hours. Based on the average annual electricity consumption of a family of 6000 watts, as long as 2 square meters of desert can meet a family's annual electricity consumption.


However, according to the current conversion rate of solar panels, it is far from the level of 100% conversion of solar energy. At present, there are two main types of solar power generation equipment for human beings, one is concentrated solar energy and the other is photovoltaic solar energy. The conversion of photovoltaic solar energy is more stable than that of concentrated solar energy, with a maximum conversion efficiency of 18%. However, considering the high temperature in the desert, sand and aging of battery panels, the actual conversion efficiency may be around 5%.


It is impossible for solar panels to cover all areas of the desert, and 50% of the area will be maintained.

At present, the use of solar power in the desert is still facing the problem of high cost, but with the continuous advancement of technology, the future of desert power generation is bound to become a hot field.


What is the significance of the construction of photovoltaic power stations for the governance of desert areas?


First, it can solve the employment problem of most local people. Large-scale development of solar energy industry in desert areas and construction of photovoltaic power stations have created many jobs for local residents and effectively solved the employment problem of locals. According to a report, the renewable energy sector alone has created 2.3 million jobs in recent years, and it is estimated that by 2030, at least 20 million additional jobs have been created.


Second, reduce surface water evaporation and promote vegetation restoration. After installing solar panels, it can effectively reduce the direct radiation of solar energy, greatly reduce the evaporation of surface water, and promote the recovery and growth of desert vegetation.


Third, prevent wind and fix sand and improve the ecological environment. Large-scale solar panels can reduce the wind speed on the surface, play a role in wind prevention and sand fixation, and improve the local vegetation and ecological environment. Moreover, photovoltaic power generation replaced coal power, slowed global warming and improved air quality.


The establishment of desert photovoltaic power plants has played a very important role in preventing wind and sand fixing in the desert and improving the ecological environment of the desert. The effective integration of photovoltaic and desert has allowed the local area to reap multiple economic, social and ecological benefits. The successful application and actual effects of multiple projects have also verified this. In the future, as more and more photovoltaic power plants are built on the desert, what we will see will be the blue ocean and the oasis that echo each other, bringing infinite vitality to the desert.


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