WBS SOLAR PUMP - - How to choose a solar pump

WBS SOLAR PUMP - - How to choose a solar pump

Aug 15,2020

The nature of the water source and the amount of water output are an important basis for the construction and selection of solar water pump systems. The solar water pumps used by different water sources are quite different. Generally, submersible pumps are required for water sources deep underground. The water source is surface water. Surface pumps are generally used. If the sediment content in the water is large, a sewage pump should be used.


 One of the most important conditions when determining the water source is that the water source cannot be dried up during the dry season. Generally, the water level of ponds has relatively small changes, but it is necessary to determine the lowest water level and water depth during drought. For deep wells, it is necessary to determine the well depth, well diameter, water level, dynamic water level and water output. For rivers, it is necessary to determine the lowest water level, water depth, and highest water level during the flood season.


Solar modules are the power core of the entire solar water pump system. The selection and configuration of solar modules are the main factors that determine the cost performance of solar water pump systems. According to the light intensity and temperature characteristics of solar modules and the performance evolution characteristics of the life cycle, the general photovoltaic module capacity is 1.3 to 1.6 times larger than the power required by the pump motor, which is a relatively reasonable configuration. The specific size needs to be determined according to the head and pump selection. The photovoltaic array needs to be installed in a place with a stable foundation and good sunlight.


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