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WBS SOLAR PUMP - - Grundfos releases a full range of digital integrated smart pump houses

WBS SOLAR PUMP - - Grundfos releases a full range of digital integrated smart pump houses

Jul 29,2020

Grundfos Pumps, a global leader in water pumps and water technology solutions, officially launched a full range of digital integrated smart pump houses. With years of experience and leading advantages in water supply system optimization. Grundfos has developed a full series of digital integrated smart pumping stations for the Chinese market this time, which can meet the needs of various water supply pumping station construction and renovation. Ensure that people have access to stable, clean and safe domestic water.

      In old communities, schools, factory dormitories and other places with dense population and less open space. The water supply pump room has a small space and the operation noise affects the daily life of residents. The traditional reconstruction and construction plan is difficult and long, which affects the normal water supply. Therefore, a systematic and intensive water supply system is more suitable for transformation needs. The Grundfos digital integrated smart pump room adopts an integrated integrated structure with a small volume. And the prefabrication is completed in the factory, and the time to switch off the water during on-site installation is only tens of minutes. Realize the uninterrupted water supply transformation to the greatest extent. When running at night, the highest noise level of the pump room is only 55 decibels. It is equivalent to the background noise of the environment, and the sound of the pump running is hardly heard. Even if it is close to residential areas, it will not cause noise pollution.

     Thanks to the flexibility of the whole set of equipment, in the new project of secondary water supply, the developer can free up the underground garage space as much as possible and apply the integrated smart pump house in the green belt. Compared with the problems of operation and maintenance and water quality safety in the middle and late stages of the traditional secondary water supply system. Grundfos digital integrated intelligent pump room is equipped with a variety of intelligent control systems. Integrate access control security, water quality monitoring, flooding alarm, smoke alarm and other systems into one. And adopts the "one-to-many" frequency conversion control method. Even if one of the pumps fails, it will not affect the normal operation of the other pumps. In addition, the pump room also has a remote monitoring function. Data docking can be carried out with the water department platform. Upload pump room unit and security information in real time, and report abnormal situations. Realize remote management and unattended. It further guarantees the safe operation of the pump room and facilitates daily operation and maintenance.

     The full range of specifications launched this time has a wider range of flow and head. It can cover the centralized water supply demand of some midway booster pumping stations and small and medium-sized towns. In order to better assist the sustainable operation of the pumping station. Where the site conditions permit, the water supply mode of the pump room can be superimposed water supply. Reduce energy consumption with the help of municipal pipe network pressure. It is theoretically estimated that the energy saving is over 45% during operation. The Hydro series permanent magnet intelligent water supply unit used in the pumping station integrates a dedicated inverter, motor and water pump. Further improve the matching degree and overall efficiency of the water pump and the motor.


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