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WBS SOLAR PUMP - - Australia Smart Energy's first online 3D exhibition

WBS SOLAR PUMP - - Australia Smart Energy's first online 3D exhibition

Jul 15,2020

Smart Energy Conference & Exhibition, as Australia's leading photovoltaic, energy storage and smart energy event, is also the largest and most professional event of its kind in Australia. The exhibition attracts smart energy manufacturers, distributors, project developers, and financial institutions from all over the world to participate every year.


In 2020, this year's Smart Energy Exhibition will adopt an online 3D model. Create the first online exhibition for the Australian energy industry. And through online exhibitions, exhibitors and visitors can communicate without time difference. Full display of corporate products, 24-hour online communication products. Help companies to better develop markets and increase brand exposure.


Online 3D exhibition VS offline exhibition


Participation costs


Traditional offline exhibitions require huge participation costs. Booth rental, booth construction, labor cost, transportation cost, material production, etc. For any company, it is a big expense.


Online exhibition does not require personnel to go to the exhibition site. No long-distance transportation of products is required. No need to make offline display materials. You only need to publish company-related product introductions on the relevant exhibition platform, and you can communicate with customers from all over the world. Invest the least cost and reap the greatest benefits.


24 hours exhibition


Most offline exhibitions need to be set up 2 days in advance + 2 days of exhibition period. For those companies or audiences who cannot go to the scene, they can only get the information of the exhibition through online reports or the circle of friends posted by the same industry. This will reduce the publicity effect for exhibitors, which will affect the actual audience.


The online exhibition breaks the dual limitations of time and space. As long as you have your own online booth, you can communicate with customers at any time. Provide customers with comprehensive, 24-hour pre-sale consulting services.


Industry-wide participation


At present, the Australian epidemic has begun a second round of repetition. It is expected that all offline events in Australia will not be held this year.


The emerging model of SEC online exhibition has become the only choice for Australian marketing this year. The company only pays a low cost and can also obtain business information related to the exhibition. At the same time, you can better understand the development trends and market dynamics of the entire industry.


Data generation and organization


After the offline exhibition is over, companies need to sort out various data collected at the classified exhibition. The efficiency is relatively low, and it is easy to miss the best time to contact customers, which may lead to final loss of orders.


Online exhibitions perfectly solve the problem of data sorting. Not only can we accurately obtain the total traffic of the exhibition, the data of each exhibitor's visit, and inquiry information, etc. And it can also analyze and track. The most important thing is that these data can also be easily exchanged and integrated with other exhibitions or other industries. Serve each other, share a win-win situation, and bring visible benefits to the enterprise.


Post-exhibition promotion and accumulation


Once the traditional two-antenna exhibition is over, exhibitors can only contact with communication tools after the move-out. For customers who did not come to the exhibition site, at most they could only see some exhibition news and fragment pictures. And it cannot form the historical preservation of the exhibition.


After the SEC online exhibition is over, it can be displayed for 30 days at home and abroad through various methods (news links, website embedding, official account and WeChat forwarding, etc.).


Of course, both online and offline exhibitions have their own inherent advantages and disadvantages. Offline exhibitions are indispensable, but online exhibitions have more development potential, scalability and cross-border integration capabilities.


In 2020, Smart Energy Conference & Exhibition will kick off on September 9, 2020. Regardless of the scale and the effect of the exhibition, it has greatly improved. It is of great significance to the development of this emerging industry with market competitiveness in the international market.



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