WBS SOLAR PUMP - - What are the technical requirements for solar photovoltaic water lifting systems?olar photovoltaic water lifting systems?

WBS SOLAR PUMP - - What are the technical requirements for solar photovoltaic water lifting systems?olar photovoltaic water lifting systems?

Jun 28,2020

The solar water pumping system is recommended to use a high-efficiency solar water pump. The energy used in the solar water pumping system comes from the power generation system of the solar battery module. Its characteristics are different from the conventional electric pump. The solar energy is an unsteady energy source. The battery module mainly depends on absorption (visible light source) The current produced by sunlight with a wavelength of 0.4 to 1.1 microns, within the wavelength band of 0.4 to 0.76 microns, the current output power generated by solar energy is only 30% to 60% of the installed capacity of the system, the frequency range is only 10 to 25 Hz, and the general centrifugal water pump The 4-pole motor adopts a speed of 1480 rpm at a rated frequency of 50 Hz, and 10 to 25 Hz is in a low-frequency state. At this frequency, its speed is only 200 to 700 rpm, which is equivalent to the motor speed at this frequency. Below 50% of the rated speed, although the motor is running at a low speed, the water pump is in a state where there is no water. Long-term operation will cause the motor to produce high temperature or even burn.


   High-efficiency solar special water pump adopts piston-type transmission mechanism. Generally, the low-frequency 3~5Hz water pump can start smoothly, and 10~15Hz can work for a long time and pump water normally. In terms of investment, when the engineering design head is above 200 meters, the installed power of photovoltaic modules and the installed power of solar water pumps are only less than 50% of the installed power of traditional electric water pumps, and the pumping time is twice that of traditional electric water pumps.


With the continuous maturity of photovoltaic water pumping technology and continuous innovation of system functions, it is recommended to use high-efficiency solar water pumps for new solar pumping stations, and there are new technical requirements for the application of solar cell modules. It is recommended to use positive tolerance battery modules in design to ensure project construction. After the benign operation, if the conditions permit, the unit is recommended to use a multi-pump unit. There are also hard requirements in the technology. For example, the unit consists of 3 water pumps, which require the pump to start normally when the solar light conditions are above the wavelength band of 0.38 microns. And in the wavelength band of 0.38~0.76 microns, the unit guarantees that two water pumps are in normal operation. In the wavelength band of 0.76 microns, the three water pumps of the unit are in peak working state. Under rainy weather conditions, at least one unit must be guaranteed. The pump is working normally.


It is recommended that the design unit and the owner understand the technical specifications of the solar water pumping project in detail in the early stage of the project design. In order to save costs, most owners of solar pumping stations that have been built in our country use cheap second-line brand negative tolerance battery components and traditional Electric power pumps are used instead. The peak power generation of such components is less than 80% of the installed capacity, and even less than 60% of individual projects. In the application of the traditional water pump in this photovoltaic water pumping system, the illumination is below the 0.76 micron wavelength band Under light conditions, the unit is unable to lift water normally.


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