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WBS SOLAR PUMP - - The export of photovoltaic modules in April: the total shipment was 6.29GW.

WBS SOLAR PUMP - - The export of photovoltaic modules in April: the total shipment was 6.29GW.

May 15,2020

On May 14, the photovoltaic research organization Zhixin Consulting released the Chinese PV module export report in April: In April 2020, the total export volume of photovoltaic module exports reached 6.29GW, with a total export value of 1.415 billion US dollars.

April PV module export data was better than market expectations. Although it was down 15.7% month-on-month, it was higher than the same period last year and increased 2.8% year-on-year. The new crown epidemic has spread globally and economic growth has fallen sharply. The export data of photovoltaic modules that should have suffered a huge negative impact did not avalanche as expected. Except for the release of the backlog of orders during the previous domestic blockade, which caused a certain increase in exports. The contraction of demand in Europe, Japan and other regions is slower than that of supply, and it also has a certain role in promoting exports. It is worth noting that in April Vietnam shipped 385.8MW. The country's latest solar subsidy will take effect on May 22, triggering a surge in exports in April.


From the perspective of the export regional market, the Netherlands shipped 1,636.59MW and the export volume was 371 million US dollars, ranking first. Japan shipped 592.08MW and exported 147 million US dollars, ranking second. Spain's 409.98MW, with an export value of 96 million US dollars, ranked third. Vietnam shipped 385.8MW and exported 60 million US dollars, ranking fourth.


Despite being one of the hardest hit areas in Europe, Spain ’s April module shipments increased 52.2% year-on-year and 46.7% quarter-on-quarter. In March 2020, Spain's                                                                                                                                                                   photovoltaic power generation reached a record high, an increase of 29.1% over the same period in 2019. In 2019, Spain's new installed solar capacity exceeded 4GW, and the cumulative installed capacity reached 9GW. The Spanish government promises that renewable energy will account for 20% in 2020. By 2030, renewable energy accounts for 42% of final energy consumption, installed capacity reaches 120GW, and renewable energy power generation accounts for 74% of total power generation. Achieve 100% electricity generation by 2050. In addition, the government has set a photovoltaic installation target of 8.4GW for 2020, 23.4GW for 2025, and 37GW for 2030.


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