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WBS SOLAR PUMP - - "Watering" Green Agriculture with Sunlight

WBS SOLAR PUMP - - "Watering" Green Agriculture with Sunlight

Apr 16,2020

Through the organic combination of sunlight and water, "agriculture" and "photovoltaic" are closely linked. Solar pumps can improve the efficient and reasonable use of water resources and solar energy. Increase the incidental economic value of agricultural products. It has an important impact on the development of low-carbon agriculture, green agriculture, and smart agriculture.


Solar water pump (also known as photovoltaic water pump). It is the most attractive way of water supply in the sun-rich regions of the world today, especially in remote areas that lack electricity or electricity. Utilizing solar energy that is available everywhere and inexhaustible, the system works fully automatically without the need for personnel to take care of it. Maintenance workload can be minimized. It is an ideal green energy system integrating economy, reliability and environmental protection.


Solar water pump system is mainly composed of water pump, solar water pump inverter, photovoltaic components, and irrigation equipment. The system uses solar power to drive pumps to pump water to replace traditional diesel and commercial power irrigation systems. The entire system is easy and reliable to install, energy saving, environmental protection and high efficiency. It can be used in mountain areas, villages, farmland, orchards, flower gardens, etc.


System Features:


The photovoltaic water pump system runs fully automatically, without manual watchkeeping.


High reliability, greatly reducing the cost of system construction and maintenance.


Can provide cost-effective solutions according to the different needs of regions and customers.


According to the change of sunshine intensity, the pump speed is adjusted to automatically control the water output of the system.


The bypass function can be extended to support mains input.


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