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WBS SOLAR PUMP - Time is tight and tasks are heavy, the new energy industry is facing tests

WBS SOLAR PUMP - Time is tight and tasks are heavy, the new energy industry is facing tests

Mar 12,2020

At the "most important" moment in the prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the new energy industry is facing a series of challenges such as tight supply chains, poor logistics, and tight employment.


In 2020, this is an important year for China's new energy industry-the proportion of non-fossil energy in the country's primary energy consumption will reach 15%. The renewable energy power consumption guarantee system has begun to be implemented. After the transition of competitive bidding, the parity of new energy has been basically met. The wind power price must compete with the local coal-fired power generation, and the photovoltaic power price must be comparable to the electricity grid sales price.


When the ambitious development goals encountered a sudden epidemic, some temporary difficulties were also real. Take the two major new energy industries: wind and light as examples. According to the current policy, the newly approved onshore wind power will be fully realized at parity from January 1, 2021, and the state will no longer subsidize it. The previously approved projects can still enjoy subsidies if they can be connected to the grid on schedule. If the photovoltaic bidding project declared in 2019 can be connected to the grid before March 31 this year, the electricity price subsidy will be reduced by 0.01 yuan / kWh on the original basis. Before June 30, the grid connection decreased by 0.02 yuan / kWh. After June 30, the subsidies will be canceled for all projects connected to the grid. In other words, a day earlier when grid-connected power generation means gaining revenue a day earlier, if the time is missed, the node may "fall across the board."

The reality is that many projects have been disrupted by the epidemic. Project progress can not keep up with the "deadline" and become a common feature of new energy companies. At the same time, the National Energy Administration issued a notice on January 31, requiring power companies to conduct scientific and reasonable construction schedules. It is strictly forbidden to rush schedules and schedules, which further aggravated the anxiety of enterprises.


After years of hardening, China New Energy is gradually getting rid of the crutches supported by policies and gradually adapting to the market-oriented industry environment. As a strategic emerging industry, the self-reliance of the new energy industry is not only about the rise and fall of the industry itself, but also bears the heavy responsibility of promoting the transition of the national economy to a green and high quality.

It is gratifying that a high level of intelligence has become a distinctive feature of China's new energy industry. Advanced technologies such as unattended, unattended, remote operation and maintenance have been widely used in the industry. While directly alleviating the impact of the epidemic, this has further strengthened the industry's confidence and motivation to work in an intelligent direction. It also allows industry authorities to see the huge potential for high-quality development of the new energy industry.


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