WBS SOLAR PUMP - How to choose household solar water pump components?

WBS SOLAR PUMP - How to choose household solar water pump components?

Mar 3,2020

With policy support and lower solar panel prices. Household photovoltaic systems are increasingly recognized and welcomed by everyone. Facing the complex module market, should users choose the right photovoltaic module?


Regarding the equipment selection of household systems, it has become a consensus to choose component products with higher long-term benefits and better performance. But for different application scenarios, the main equipment should be selected according to different project conditions and equipment parameter characteristics.


For example: when selecting solar photovoltaic panels. Polycrystalline modules are suitable for a variety of scenarios, with low prices and limited production capacity. Monocrystalline modules are suitable for roofs with limited area, which can effectively increase installed capacity. The double glass module is suitable for harsh environments and has higher safety.


When selecting a water pump. Select the appropriate pump model based on the amount of water required for the day, pump water height, etc. The DC solar water pump works directly with the direct current generated by solar panels. High solar energy utilization. However, DC solar water pumps cannot be operated with utility power.

The AC / DC solar water pump uses a water pump inverter to convert the direct current generated by the solar panel into an alternating current water supply pump. There will be power loss during the conversion. Low solar utilization. However, when the AC / DC solar water pump cannot work with solar energy, it can be operated with utility power.


When selecting photovoltaic pump components, you need to choose the most suitable product according to your specific situation. Or you can contact us and we will help you choose the most suitable solar water pump.


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