WBS SOLAR PUMP - 3 inch solar submersible pump Chad application reference

WBS SOLAR PUMP - 3 inch solar submersible pump Chad application reference

Dec 5,2019

The Republic of Chad is a landlocked country in Central Africa. The country is divided into three main geographical areas: the desert area in the north, which belongs to the tropical desert climate; the arid Sahel region in the middle, which belongs to the savanna climate; the more fertile Sudan steppe region in the south, which belongs to the tropical rain forest climate, and high temperatures throughout the year Hot.

Chad is a country of agriculture and animal husbandry. The Lake Chad plain and the southern region are the main agricultural areas. The rural population accounts for 72% of the national population.

Solar irrigation system uses solar energy for irrigation work. The system consists of solar panels, DC water pumps, and solar water pump controllers. The solar water pump has the advantages of simple installation and maintenance, low operating cost, and suitable for unattended operation. In particular, it has attracted much attention due to its high reliability.


Chad customers purchase 3DPC 3.5-95-72-750 3-inch plastic impeller solar submersible pump. This solar water pump uses a permanent magnet brushless motor to save energy and reduce the use of solar panels. Japan NSK bearing, alloy mechanical seal, long life and reliable operation. The maximum flow rate of the pump is 3.5m³ / h and the maximum head is 95m. It only needs to be equipped with 3 300W solar panels or 4 250W solar panels to work.


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