WBS SOLAR PUMP - AC and DC photovoltaic pump system

WBS SOLAR PUMP - AC and DC photovoltaic pump system

Nov 8,2019

AC pump:

* High insulation requirements. Once the line is damaged, it is very likely that an electric shock will result in a safety accident.

* The motor is generally made of copper-clad aluminum wire core. The motor temperature is generally above 120° and the life is not long. The brand wire core of the brand manufacturer generally uses pure copper wire core, but the power consumption is higher than that of the DC pump under the condition of the same parameter performance.

* Parameter performance is generally unrealistic in the market.

* The normal AC pump with unstable voltage is unstable.


DC pump:

* Low voltage is safer. 12V/24V DC below the human safety voltage, even if the wire is damaged.

* efficient. All parameter performance is actual nominal, low power, high performance.

* Long life, pure copper motor, using brushless DC technology, and the latest process design, more than 300 million hours of working life.

* low noise. The unique shock absorption and noise reduction design not only stabilizes the pump body, but also effectively reduces noise.


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