WBS SOLAR PUMP - Solar Submersible Pump Canada Ranch Application

WBS SOLAR PUMP - Solar Submersible Pump Canada Ranch Application

Oct 21,2019

There are many estates and farms in the Midwestern Canada. Canada is a big agricultural country like China, and the basic unit of agricultural production in Canada is the farm. Canadian farm types include dairy farms, chicken farms, horse farms, beef cattle farms, fruit farms, and more.

Canada is a highly developed country with a high standard of living, a wealth of society and a developed economy. Solar water pumps use the energy of solar energy to carry out water lifting work. The system runs automatically, no personnel is required, and maintenance costs are very low. Very popular on farms in Canada.


A Canadian farmer purchased a 3DSC4-35-24-300 model solar submersible pump to provide the water needed for the farm. This DC brushless stainless steel impeller solar pump is made of 304 stainless steel and has a long service life. The motor uses a permanent magnet brushless motor to improve work efficiency and reduce the amount of solar panels used.

The customer equipped the solar pump with two 265W solar panels to pump water from a 20-meter deep well. The pump can also work when the sun is not very good.


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