WBS SOLAR PUMP - Solar Pool Pump USA Application Reference

WBS SOLAR PUMP - Solar Pool Pump USA Application Reference

Sep 27,2019

In many parts of the USA, many homes have private swimming pools due to the warm climate, swimming pools use a long time and low maintenance costs. The water in the swimming pool is never changed. In order to keep it clean, the water pump filter water is often activated. Pump operation is relatively power-hungry, and the price of electricity in the United States is higher, so solar pool pumps are a good choice. Except for the high construction cost of the first time, there is basically no cost in the later operation. Moreover, the life of solar photovoltaic panels has been 10 years, and solar pool pumps can save customers a lot of cost. There is a large consumer base in the US swimming pool, and solar pool pumps have a good market.


A customer purchased a WBS solar pool pump replace of his original old pump. Customers are very satisfied with this new solar pool pump. He sent us photo. He believes that this solar pool pump performs very well.


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