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WBS SOLAR PUMP - Solar photovoltaic irrigation system will be chosen by more farmers

WBS SOLAR PUMP - Solar photovoltaic irrigation system will be chosen by more farmers

Aug 22,2019

According to a recent report issued by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, solar irrigation systems have become an affordable climate-friendly technology for large farms and small-scale farmers in developing countries.

The price of solar photovoltaic panels continued to fall sharply. This provides better conditions for the widespread use of solar photovoltaic irrigation systems.


Solar irrigation systems have the following advantages over irrigation systems that rely on fossil fuels for power generation:

1. Solar irrigation can greatly increase income. Especially for remote areas where power or fuel supply is inconsistent.

2. The solar irrigation system has high reliability, fully automatic operation and maintenance-free operation, and the service life can be as high as 25 years, which greatly reduces the investment cost.

3. Using renewable resources solar energy for water irrigation. This also fundamentally solves the resource problem.

The UN Food and Agriculture Organization urges governments to prioritize the use of “green subsidies” for solar irrigation systems rather than irrigation systems that rely on fossil fuels to generate electricity. This will certainly promote the adoption of solar photovoltaic irrigation systems by more and more large farms and small-scale farmers.

WBS SOLAR PUMP industry is taking a good look at the good development prospects of solar photovoltaic irrigation systems, and vigorously produces and promotes solar water pumps. At the same time, I hope that more friends who are optimistic about solar photovoltaic systems can establish friendly cooperative relations with us.

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