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WBS SOLAR PUMP - How do Americans manage the swimming pool?

WBS SOLAR PUMP - How do Americans manage the swimming pool?

Aug 2,2019

There are quite a few houses in the United States with swimming pools in the backyard. When it was hot, it looked very cool. I really wanted to jump off the pool to get a bubble. However, the swimming pool needs to be taken care of.  Otherwise, the pool water is not so clear, and often leaves and debris fall into the pool. Taking care of the swimming pool is a very troublesome job. The water in the swimming pool is actually flowing and circulating. There is a circulating filter that is always working, constantly filtering out the leaves and other debris. However, when there are too many leaves, the filter will be blocked, and you need to clean it by hand.


There are different ways to care for swimming pools in four seasons a year.

In the spring, summer and autumn, due to the use of the swimming pool, the filter is activated to continuously circulate the water in the swimming pool and the debris can be cleaned. In order to keep the water clean, it is also necessary to clean up debris and dirt deposited on the bottom of the pool. Every week, you must add a certain amount of chemicals to the pool, so that the water in the pool is blue and clear. This work seems to be simple, but if you don't understand the proportion of chemicals, the water will turn green and you can't swim in the water. Therefore, most people take care of swimming pools ask professional companies to do it. Clean it once a week, pour in chemicals, and clean up the leaves and underwater debris and dirt from the pool. Charges are based on the size of the pool.

The swimming pool must be covered in winter. The covered swimming pool has two kinds of covers, one is like a canvas, and it can be covered by itself. Although it can prevent the leaves and other debris into the swimming pool, it is not safe. You can't see at night that you might step on it into the pool. Especially families with children are even more insecure. So most people use a harder lid. The fabric is also like canvas, but it is more sturdy. It is fixed to the ground with screws and covered like a board. Going up will not fall into the pool. Such a cover needs to be customized according to the size and shape of the swimming pool, and be customized by a professional. It is also charged according to the size of the pool. Once you've customized it, you can cover it yourself every winter. There is still a job to do before the swimming pool is covered. It is necessary to press the water in the swimming pool and the filter water pipe to press the water out so that there is no water in the water pipe to prevent the water pipe from bursting in the winter. The water in the swimming pool must also be drained and placed below the lowest point of the cycle. The filter is turned off and is no longer used in winter. This series of care work requires professionals to do it.


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