WBS SOLAR PUMP- Why does the government support the photovoltaic pump system?

WBS SOLAR PUMP- Why does the government support the photovoltaic pump system?

Jun 17,2019

In recent years, more and more regional government agencies have used photovoltaic pumps to solve the problem of villagers drinking water due to the deep water depth of the mountain high roads. So why does the government particularly like photovoltaic pumps? Instead of choosing a cheaper electric pump?


The photovoltaic water pump uses solar modules to generate power to connect to the water pump inverter, and directly drives the water pump to pump water after outputting single-phase 220V and three-phase 380V alternating current. It is widely used in remote mountainous areas, where there is no electricity, weak electricity, high cost of electricity, and high pumping frequency. At the same time, the advantages of the PV pump system are also obvious:

1.Using solar power to drive, no need for mains;

2.water storage instead of electricity storage, no need for batteries, greatly reducing installation costs and post-maintenance costs;

3.automatic control start and stop, sunrise and sunset, no need for artificial control, eliminating the cost of operation and maintenance;

4.Africa, Australia and other regions have sufficient sunshine, which is very suitable for construction;

5.pairs of installation location, transportation conditions are smaller than the mains.


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